Just checking in…

Hmmmm…it’s been VEERRRRRYYYY quiet around here. Some may think I disappeared after the “poop on couch” incident of August 2013 but I’ve been around. Around, just not in the writing mood. Actually that’s not true. I’ve had numerous writing moments…in my head. They just haven’t made it to paper.   I’ve had random snip-its in my head that I’ve so wanted to share on here but haven’t taken the time to do it until now. Random thought number one:

 “Am I the ONLY person in the UNIVERSE that didn’t love the movie Frozen?”

Seriously, I found it to be a cute movie but not the crazy amazingness that everyone else thought it was. And the music…the music is KILLING ME SLOWLY. Lord, I hate the music from that movie.

Also this thought… Wait, before I state this thought I must say that I have MANY, MANY friends who do Crossfit and I love them for it. I tried it for a few months until my friend Sarah, who also tried it with me, called one day with this statement…

 “Suzy, I just left a yoga studio and after the workout, there was muffins….and cute things to buy…I’m never going back to Crossfit.”

Sounded good to me, crossfit experiment done.

I preface my next random thought with the above disclaimer because I want my Crossfit peeps to know that I love watching their passion and totally support the complete body transformations that the awesome workout brings them…it just wasn’t for me. At the end of the day, muffins make me happier than holding heavy barbells on my back and then squatting with them, go figure.

So back to my random thought I’ve wanted to write. Despite my support of these Crossfit peeps…

 It really nerves me when people post about going to the “BOX”…like WHY was a renaming of “the gym” really needed? The entire language of crossfit bugs me but “The BOX” thing just plain irks me.

Lastly, I recently flew to visit a friend for the weekend. I have a quirk about being at the airport early, it’s almost an obsession. I like to have a cup of coffee and people watch before take off. On this last flight though, I realized I have a habit when I do this people watching. Final random thought…

 When flying on a plane, am I the only person who analyzes the other people getting on the plane and with that analysis determine the likelihood of it crashing based on how juicy the news reports will be?

For example, if the flight is boarded by a sampling of businessmen and women, random couples with a family or two, I figure I’m safe. The plane will have a smooth trip. BUT…

If I watch a cheerleading team, a troop of boy scouts and some elderly folks with t-shirts that read, “80 Years Young and First Time Flying!” I start sweating. At that point, in my mind, there is an absolute certainty that this bird is going down. I can already imagine the newspaper headlines and my narcissist side starts feeling sad that my story will be completely overlooked by the tragic loss of aforementioned youth groups and elderly folks living out their dreams.

See why sometimes I don’t write for a while? This brain of mine is an odd one.   Feel free to enlighten me if any of you have feed back or answers to my musings.

Hopefully we’ll talk soon folks. 🙂


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