The reason for the season is…laughter?

My daughters recently started a new school.  It’s a Christian school.  This brings some amazing new discoveries for them as little people and definitely jump starts more conversations at home regarding totally new subjects they are encountering in their school days.  Recently, I’ve been confronted with the fact that Laney, my middle child and resident comedian is even picking up some new material for her act.  Here’s a few examples:

The presidential election was within the week and their school decided to do an internal poll to see who would win the upcoming election if the children were in charge.  One caveat…they added a third name to the ballot.  That of Jesus Christ himself.  A shoe in, you might think and rightfully so as he did win the election.  The conversation following went something like this:

Avery: “We had an election today and between Jesus Christ, Romney and Obama, Jesus Christ won.  Of course I voted for him.”

Laney, head down looking sheepish… “yeah, me too.”

Me: “Kinda figured that would be the outcome, didn’t you?”

Avery: “Yep, he got 58% of the vote.”

Me:  “hmm…really?  I guess I would have guessed it to be higher.”

Avery as she’s walking out of the room…  “I know!  I mean, who WOULDN’T vote for   Jesus if you had the choice?”

Laney comes flying over to me when she sees that her sister has left the room…

“Ok mom…do NOT tell Avery but I voted for Romney.”

Me: “Really, why?”

Laney: “Well, I thought it was a trick question, I mean, let’s be realistic.  Jesus can’t REALLY be president so I didn’t want to waste my vote!”

I let her know that she might not want to share her “wasted vote on Jesus” theory at school.

A few days later I noticed that a box of crackers had disappeared from the counter where I had left it.  After a search, Laney finally revealed that she had taken it to have a snack.  I immediately went in to Mom-speech as I explained that you can’t just take something because you want it, you need to ask.  I was given this explanation:

Laney: “Mom, you don’t understand.  I didn’t take it just because I wanted it.”

Me: “Then why did you take it?”

Laney: “It was bigger than a want Mom.  It was a nudge from the Holy Spirit.”

Thank you, school, for giving my daughter a new language to use against me in disagreements.

Finally, the subject of someone’s death came up and they girls were discussing how young this person had been.  Which then led to the discussion about Abraham living to be hundreds of years old which THEN led to the discussion about Jesus only being 33 years old when he died which THEN led to the discussion of his burial and resurrection.  Avery was going through the entire sequence of events point by point until she got to the spot where they laid Jesus to rest in the tomb.  At this point, Laney saw an opportunity to jump in and she said…

“And then, they covered Jesus’s body with Salsa!”

Quiet overtook the car.

Me: “Salsa?”

Avery: “Salsa?”

Laney: “Yep, salsa.”

Conversation ended.  At that point the girls got out of the car to go into school.  I was laughing so hard that I had to pull into a spot in the parking lot.  I thought I knew what she was talking about but I wanted to google it to make sure since my Bible knowledge is by far the least extensive in our family.  There it was…the verse she was referencing….

John 19:40   Taking Jesus’s body, the two of them wrapped it, with SPICES, in strips of linen.

There you have it folks…she’s here all week, shows at 10 and 2.


  1. Sandra Lake says:

    Thank you a hundred times for posting these things on babyfocals. I forwarded this to Jim and some other relatives. This made both of us laugh.

  2. Shirley Comstock says:

    Love these stories – send more!

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