Are you talkin’ to me?! 

I’m just gonna leave this right here because I would normally post this story on Facebook but have taken a break from the site for Lent. Although, in typing that I think this auto-posts to Facebook so I’m probably participating without even meaning to participate. Feel free to judge me. 

I had a situation this morning that is perfect for Facebook as it would elicit much needed messages of comraderie from my fellow mothers of teenage daughters and if Facebook isn’t for comraderie over teenage daughters than WHY DOES IT EVEN EXIST?!?! 

So…I was driving 87 hours (or 40 minutes) to a 354 hour (or 8 hour) volleyball tournament with one of my teenage daughters. During which time our conversation became slightly strained with tension as I reached my compassion limit on the swirl of emotion that does encompass all teenage girls. I mean…I get it, I remember how ALL THE THINGS ARE BIG THINGS at that age and I usually try to temper my reactions due to this understanding. Yet…there’s a limit at which high emotion becomes blatant disrespect and I go all Robert DeNiro and start with the “Are you talkin’ to me?!?” in disbelief and warning of her tone. 

She smartly hears this tone and backs down…but only temporarily as then she says…”look, you need to sit away from my first game because I need some space from you…” 

I am immediately propelled to speaking like the idiot drunk in the bar looking for a fight. 
I tell her…”I’ll sit where I please.”

To which she replies…”why can’t you respect my wishes???” 

To which I yell this hum-dinger of a response to my child…


Then…in embarrassment of my ability to lose it WITH A CHILD I look down at the clock at see that I have been propelled to Everest levels of fury at the lowly hour of…


Lord help me. Thank God I didn’t give up drinking for lent. 


  1. Girl, you crack me up. I was told by my 13 yr old, after I was caught talking to a table full of 8th grade girls to “stop talking to people”. She mouthed these words across the lunchroom at me. I guess I was embarrassing by just having a conversation with older students. If she wants to see embarrassing, I can give her that. Cue the music! Come someday to lunch and we can show them.

  2. Dear Suzy ~ (insert hysterical laughter, along with a little melancholy wistfulness, here; not that I particularly enjoyed the power struggles with my teenagers while sacrificing all my spare time to their needs, but, again realizing how fast it sped by)

  3. Lisa Pisano says:

    Growing up my mother simply had to give me ‘the look’. The look that said, without words, “You are on very thin ice and I recommend you change your tone NOW”. I wish I could say that I have perfected that look but, alas, I am a yeller who is quick to lose my patience. Also as early as 7:08 am. And she’s 9. So while I find your story and storytelling humorous and can totally relate, it leaves me frightened for my future. Well… more for her future. I have wine. 😩🍷

  4. 😂😂😂 happy Saturday? I’m glad you didn’t give up drinking for lent too. That would be just wrong. It’s amazing how they can reduce us to our teenage selves in a matter of seconds.

  5. Jana Miller says:

    Love it! And just so you know it doesn’t quit just when they’re teenagers . Sorry for the bad news . However my best line is I’m a grown ass woman and I’ll do whatever I want . ❤❤❤
    And I’m proud of you you handled it like a champ honey !

  6. Coffee everywhere!!! Be the grown ass woman you are and flaunt your authority!!!

  7. So funny and so relatable! Why does it have to be such a fine line between mother vs friend? Who could possibly need space from you??? I try to get every piece of the inner circle before I’m kicked out! Ha ha

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