A sonnet to baby vomit…

Yep…you read that correctly.   I love the saying “the years are short and the days are long.”  Some days are longer than others.  Some days that I am lucky enough to be home all day with Edy and her big sisters can be perfect and filled with fun.  BUT…there are days that seem very, very, long.  If someone is cranky, sick, or just happened to take an extra dose of estrogen that morning, the day can feel as though time has stopped.  The day that I filmed the below video was a cranky day for baby Edy.  My assumption is that her tummy was the culprit as she would randomly paint my shirt with a mini vomit or spit up or whatever you call it in your world…all I know is that the laundry was piling up and I was desperate for some smiles from my normally happy girl.

So I started singing.  Not a sweet song or a nursery rhyme or even a current hit.  I made up a vomit song.  Now get this…she LOVED it!  So of course I kept it up…and was rewarded nicely.

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