Lights,camera, stray hair…

It’s here!  The moment you’ve all  my mom’s been waiting for!  The videos from the Kansas City Listen to Your Mother Show have been released.  I, of course, am completely overcome with emotion regarding the stray hair that’s poking out of the side of my head in the video.  So much so that I actually found myself rubbing my finger over it on the video as if I could photoshop it down.  After an imagined call to the Listen To Your Mother folks where I pleaded with them to edit this hideousness I got a grip and got over it.  Now it’s all you’ll be able to see too… Here’s the link, hope you enjoy it…

2016 Listen to Your Mother





  1. bmkmjhorton says:

    LOVE THIS!!! You did a fabulous job Suzy! So proud of you! I think this is just the beginning. You can work the circuit! Seriously!

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  2. Lisa Pisano says:

    O. M. G. Tears upon tears of laughter! The story is hilarious by itself but your delivery makes it fantastic! Thanks for sharing the video! 😄

  3. This is hilarious Suzy!!! I remember you telling me this story but it wasn’t even half as funny as this video. I laughed and laughed. What a God given talent you have been blessed with. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. Lori Wheeler says:

    That was so awesome and funny. You are so talented. Keep up the great work. Thank you for sharing.

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