A picture is worth a thousand misspelled words… Subtitled: Why my sarcasm and sick sense of humor keep me from receiving the “mom of the year” award.

Sometimes these blog posts are too long…here’s a quick one for you…

My middle child came downstairs to show me the latest artistic masterpiece she had been working on.  As I viewed it, I contemplated not saying a word of criticism… I really did.  In the end, I stumbled over a few words and the look on my face obviously said it all.

“WHAT?!” she asked with irritation.

“Ummm…it’s just…I think you might want to look at the last word.” I said with hesitation.

Here’s the sign…


“UUUGGGHHHHH!!!!” she cried.

Then she turned and tossed it in the trash.

Weirdly, she wasn’t comforted or humored when I said, through hysterical laughter, that her actions on this particular project were perhaps the GREATEST EXAMPLE OF IRONY I’ve ever witnessed.

People are so sensitive these days.



P.S. Said child approved this blog post as soon as she also realized how hilarious the entire scene was. She may not have followed through on her own “overcoming obstacles” advice but she appreciates funny as much as her mother. 🙂


  1. Kimberlee Gill says:

    …and middle child’s final response is exactly why she is adored by all who know her.

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